Welcome to St Philip in Dublin, California!  

St Philip is a Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP)-certified school and is eligible to enroll F-1 students in the United States. We accept students for both the full school year, and for just a few months, as during our Winter Program. St Philip’s small class sizes, central location, and welcoming, supportive learning environment make it the ideal place for visiting students. Read on:

Visa Requirements

Winter Program


Visa Requirements
International students must obtain an F-1 visa from their local US Embassy to attend school in the United States for more than three months. In order to obtain an F-1 visa, an international student must first apply and be accepted to attend a SEVIS-approved school, such as St. Philip Lutheran School. After the student has been accepted by SPLS and his or her family returns the Enrollment Packet and fee to us, we issue an I-20 form in the student’s name, and give it to the local guardian to take to the student in his or her home country. The student then takes this form to the local U.S. Embassy and requests an F-1 visa.

St. Philip Lutheran School International Winter Program
Summary of Program: The St. Philip International Winter Program is an opportunity for students to attend an American School on a trial basis.  While students receive no progress reports, they do participate in all academic and extra-curricular activities during their trial period.  The goal of the program is help students prepare for full time enrollment prior to applying for an F1 VISA, or just to spend time at an American school.

Students: International Students in grades TK and kindergarten.

Dates: TBD

*Housing is not included

Contact our school office for more information!
Phone: 925-829-3857


  1. I want to apply for the program. What should I do?

Please pick up an application in the school office or email the school at schooladmin@stphilipchurch.com. Complete application and submit it along with the other required documents as soon as possible.

  1. What is your application deadline? Do you accept students for Spring Semester?

Yes! St. Philip has an open enrollment system. We admit students throughout the year according to the class availability. We do accept students up to the Spring Semester.

  1. What is the grade range to apply to the program?

We accept international students in transitional kindergarten and kindergarten.  Please contact schooladmin@stphilipchurch.com with questions.

  1. Does St Philip have boarding?

No. Parents/guardians are responsible for arranging accommodations for their students.

  1. I have a family friend/relative who lives close to the school. Can I live with them?

Yes, as long as we receive an authorization letter which confirms an adult supervision at home from the student’s parents. For further questions, please contact the school office.

  1. Do I need a guardian?

Yes. All International students MUST have a legal guardian who is either a US Citizen or Permanent Resident. Guardians must provide up-to-date contact information and inform the school if and when, guardianship is discontinued. If guardianship changes, parents are responsible for notifying the school, and must fill out a form that must be signed, notarized, and mailed to St. Philip International Program.

  1. What is the visa process?

St. Philip Lutheran School is authorized under Federal Law to enroll nonimmigrant students. St. Philip Lutheran School can issue the necessary documents to apply for a student F1-Visa.

  1. What if I already have a valid I-20 & F-1?

An international student with a F-1 visa from another US School is referred as a “TRANSFER” student. Fees are the same. The student must finish all documents and submit fees before the previous school is asked to transfer the I-20 to the St. Philip International Program.

  1. Do I need health insurance? How should I go about getting health insurance?

Yes. All the international students must obtain an international health insurance. The students have to purchase a basic coverage health insurance plan prior to arrival. www.isoa.org is one of the insurance companies the parents might consider, but parents are free to choose their own company.

  1. Do I need some kind of health report?

Yes. The students have to submit their immunization records prior to arrival in the United States.

    1. What are international students’ requirements to maintain enrollment?

To maintain enrollment once a student starts school, all students must be living with an adult at all times, must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.75 and must adhere to all school policies, including attendance and behavior rules. Please refer to the School Handbook for all school rules.

    1. Does the program provide ESL?At this time, we do not provide English as a Second Language classes for our International students. Because our International students are combined with American students in all of our challenging classes, each student we accept must possess strong English skills.