Ambassadors Program for St. Philip Lutheran School

An ambassador is usually a carrier of good will to others on behalf of a person, business, country, etc.
They are representatives for each of these groups.
We at St. Philip would like to start an ambassador group for our school. Any energetic, joyful, outgoing
person who likes to talk to people would be a great candidate. Therefore, parents, grandparents, uncles
and aunts, and former students are welcome to join.
Things that an ambassador might do for the school might be, presenting and arranging tours of the
campus, mentoring new families, following up on perspective parents. You might even call or write a
personal communication, welcoming new members to the school, or drop off PR materials to other
schools. When we receive several names, we can meet as a group and you can decide what you want to
do as a group.
A couple of benefits other schools’ ambassadors have mentioned were the joy of seeing their school
grow and also knowing that they had a part in that growth. Another benefit was a closer relationship
with other school parents. A great benefit for you could be a reduction of your tuition for each family
you bring in that attends school. There is a possibility you might even be able to send your children
tuition free.
If this is something you might want to consider, please contact the principal or the school secretary at
St. Philip Lutheran School.