As part of the W.A.S.C. (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) accreditation process, St. Philip developed Expected School-wide Learning Results for our students.  These are often referred to as ESLR’S and can be seen throughout the campus.  The ESLR’s were chosen the first time SPLS went through the accreditation process and they have been tweaked slightly over the years.  The explanations of the ELSER’s are listed below.  The five areas that we expect all of our students to thrive in are:

    • Christian Faith
    • Learning
    • Problem Solving
    • Self-Evaluator
    • Community Member

Expected School-wide Learning Results

For Preschool-Grade Eight


  • Become disciples who know their Savior, serve cheerfully and share His love
  • Show compassion, tolerance, justice, and a respect for the dignity of others and self
  • Develop a moral Christian conscience, modeling responsibility, leadership and good behavior toward others
  • Demonstrate faith through respect for themselves, others and those in authority
  • Demonstrate faith daily through Bible study, prayer, worship and service to those in need
  • Understand and utilize own God-given strengths and recognize and appreciate the God given gifts of others


  • Possess a solid foundation in basic subjects (core competency in each grade level)
  • Express creativity, communicate effectively, think critically, and solve problems independently
  • Find joy, fulfillment, and appreciation in becoming a lifelong learner with special emphasis on literature, music, and the arts
  • Express written and spoken thoughts clearly, using correct grammar, mechanics, and organization
  • Use technology and media creatively, effectively and appropriately and discern the credibility of source
  • Speak and articulate with confidence, clarity and understanding
  • Demonstrate academic and social preparedness for the next level of education
  • Recognize the importance of good health choices
  • Display knowledge of basic athletic skills and demonstrate sportsmanship

Problem Solver

  • Face challenges and persevere in attaining realistic goals
  • Resolve conflict peacefully, Biblically and seeking further assistance elsewhere as necessary
  • Solve problems through observation, research and discovery
  • Respond appropriately to unexpected circumstances, danger or difficult situations

Self Evaluator

  • Analyze, consider alternatives, make effective moral choices and stand up for what is right
  • Assess own work for completeness and overall quality
  • Demonstrate self control and responsible behavior
  • Appreciate achievement and strive to attain high standards
  • Assess own strengths and areas for improvement
  • Social etiquette
  • Accept responsibility for actions
  • Self confidence, self worth, and self esteem

Community Member

  • Contribute to the community a positive, life-affirming effect
  • Realize and appreciate ones relationship to the surrounding world and be a responsible caretaker of God’s creation
  • Work cooperatively demonstrating tolerance and respect for self and others
  • Interact respectfully with all age levels
  • Ability to adapt to rapidly changing conditions
  • Cognizant of current events and world affairs and their effect on life
  • Show respect for personal and community property
  • Involvement in extra-curricular, school, community activities, service and volunteerism
  • Understand one’s heritage and appreciate and respect cultural diversity