3 Year Old Program – click here to download PDF

At St. Philip Preschool, we provide a nurturing transition into the classroom for our 3 year olds.

The program is offered on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and focuses on making the children’s first school experience fun as well as educational. The classroom environment provides a wide range of learning opportunities include math, manipulatives, science, art, dramatic play, language art, and sensory skills development.

Small Group TimeOur carpet time includes music and movement, language development, dramatic play, motor skills, theme-related stories and Bible time.

Additonal Social and Emotional Skills

• Social Skills

• Communication Skills

• Self-Help Skills

• Self-Control

• Conflict Management

• Pro-Social Behaviors

• Expression of Feelings

• Following directions

• Transitions

• Being Part of a Group

• Participation in Lesson

Bible CurriculumEach week, basic Christian concepts and Bible lessons are taught through child appropriate language along with prayer, chapel songs, and Bible verses.

Alphabet CurriculumAs an introduction to the alphabet and each letter, we use My First Steps to Reading, by Grolier. This provides an exposure to the alphabet with visual illustrations that help build your child’s vocabulary and letter recognition.

Additional Language Skills

• Name Recognition

• Color Recognition

• Rhymes

• Memory Skills



• Counting and Counting Objects

• Comparison of Objects

• Object Sorting

• Shape recognition


Perceptual Motor – Gym TimeAs children are learning about the world around them, they are also learning about their bodies and how they work. Each week, the class visits the school gym to play games and develop gross motor skills.


Additional Physical Skills

• Movements Coordination

• Gross Motor Coordination

• Perceptual Motor Skills

• Spatial Awareness

• Body Awareness

• Fine Motor Skills