4 Year Old Program – click here to download PDF

St Philip Preschool 4 year old program has 3 and 4 days a week options, based on needs of the child and family. Our program has structured flexibility to encompass the needs of the whole child through Core Knowledge Curriculum. The classroom is designed with learning centers for free exploration that include math, manipulatives, science, art, dramatic play, language arts, and sensory skills.

Small Group Time – Our carpet time includes calendar, American and Christian flag pledges, weather, prayer, music and movement, language, motor development, theme related stories and Bible time.

Additional Social and Emotional Skills

•  Self Help Skills

•  Communication Skills

•  Pro-Social Behaviors

•  Conflict Management

•  Self-Regulation

•  Group Speaking

•  Active Listening

•  Being Part of a Group

•  Expression of Feelings

Work Habits

•  Following directions

•  Task Persistence and Completion

•  Participate in Lesson

•  Raising Hands

•  Sitting Politely

Bible Curriculum – Each week, basic Christian concepts and Bible lessons are taught through child appropriate language. Throughout the week we also have prayers and practice Bible verses and Chapel songs.

Alphabet Curriculum – Our alphabet curriculum utilizes the Alphabet Tales series which builds vocabulary, recognition, sound and written experience of each letter. Each week the class focuses on a specific letter with a variety of opportunities to experience that letter in different mediums.

Additional Language Skills

•  Name Recognition and Writing

•  Descriptive Language

•  Similar and Opposite

•  Letter Recognition and Sounds

•  Sign Language

•  Rhymes


•  Rote Counting 1 – 20

•  Objects Counting 1 -20

•  Comparison and Sorting of Objects

•  Pattern

•  Color and Shape Recognition

•  Number Recognition

Perceptual Motor – Gym Time – As children grow they learn about their bodies and how they work. Each week, the class visits the school gym to play games and develop gross motor skills.

Additional Physical Skills

•  Gross Motor Coordination

•  Perceptual Motor Skills

•  Fine Motor Control

•  Holding a Pencil

•  Cutting with Scissors

•  Spatial Awareness